Special exhibition

The MMBM shows temporary exhibitions in the front section. These exhibitions fit in with the overall concept by bringing especially important works out of the treasures of the museum's collection into focus.


Herbals in the Renaissance

Rome in 1481. A book is printed. It contains texts about plants and their use for healing purposes. There are illustrations of the plants.

It is called Herbarius and is widely regarded as the first printed and illustrated herbal. In the special exhibition “Growth: Herbals in the Renaissance“, the book is one of eight main acts. Produced between 1481 and 1565, each act plays a part in painting a picture of the years during the Renaissance, when herbals experienced great development.

It was a moment in time when examining the ancient scribes and receiving descriptions of unknown plants from the Americas went hand in hand. Finding new ways to illustrate a plant, networking, comparing, exchanging and observing all had a part in further exploring the long tradition of healing with herbs whilst also setting the foundation for the flourishing field of botany.


The young and the young-at-heart can gain insight into the vibrant world of herbal books by enjoying a game of memory.

Special exhibition - Growth: Herbals in the Renaissance
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  • Special exhibition - Growth: Herbals in the Renaissance
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